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17th Mar 2013, 2:20 PM No New Strips Until March 25th!!!

Hey everyone! The Comic Shop Quartet will not be updated this week on account of Spring Break and one of our writers/artists recovering from wisdom teeth removal. We'll be back next week, on March 25th to resume our Monday/Thursday schedule. Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great Spring Break! (Unless your Spring Break just ended, in which case, we hope you had a great Spring Break

3rd Mar 2013, 4:01 PM Update for all!

Hi everyone, Highflyaviator here to give you guys an update with what is going on with the Comic Shop Quartet. For those who have been following us, you may have noticed that the site layout has been changed a bit. I'm currently working on improving the look of the site and make it more unique. Expect a new background and icons soon. For everyone, we have decided to try and release new comic strips every Monday and Thursday of each week. We should be able to stick with this schedule and should anything happen we'll have a filler strip to maintain some consistency. Finally, we are working on tweaking the comic strips. Some people have given us some critiques and so we are attempting to fix these issues. We have come to realize that we have included inside jokes that the readers would not be able to understand, so we will try to limit these jokes. Also there was no particular order or continuity to the earlier strips, but we are now starting arcs with random strips between each arc to provide a story and flow to the series. Finally we are going to work on the backgrounds in the comic strips so the panels don't come out too bland.

If you guys have any suggestions for us, leave a comment. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss our exciting new story! The mystery of the cardboard cutout will finally be explained, so you guys don't want to miss this!